Thursday, October 14, 2010

Framed Prints Now Available!

I've found a great supplier for frames!  You can order directly from the website, and it's so easy to do!  You browse through the photos and you select your options, purchase, and voila!  Soon it will arrive on your doorstep.  There is now a banner on the right side of my blog, where you can scroll through the different images.  You can click right on it and it will take you directly to the page where you can choose your options and purchase your prints.  Or, click on this link and get to the same place.

Also available now are greeting cards!  Cards come in folded 5x7's with envelope, printed right onto high-quality cardstock.  These are available in ones, or packages of 10 or 25.  The other size is a 4x8, and these are flat cards.  They are great for things like Christmas mailers, other holidays, or invitations.  They are almost like a postcard, but they are longer.  These are printed on high-quality photo paper.  Just go to my SmugMug site, find a photo you want to turn into a card, and click the "Buy" button at the top of the photo.  You will see an option to "Create a card" - follow the instructions on the page, and there you have it!

As always, if you need help deciding on options, or you really don't know what to do or how to do it - you just know you want a framed image or a canvas print!  I'm always here to assist.  Send me an email and let me know what you are looking for - we'll build your order together.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Matted Prints

Matted prints are now available and can be purchased by selecting the options and pressing the Buy Now button at the bottom of my blog.  3 sizes available, 4 standard colour options, and custom orders are available!

You can also order by sending me an email and specifying the photo, size, and colour of your matte(s).  I will then send you an invoice via PayPal, which you can use to purchase your order.  Once that is done, the order will be processed and sent to you.  * This is a better option if you wish to purchase more than one matte.

Sizes available is the size of the actual matte.  The window will show the photo, which is attached to the back of the matte.  All are double mattes for a more impressive effect.

Approximate sizes of the windows: 5x7" mattes will show approximately a 4x6" photo; 8x10" mattes will show approximately a 5x7" photo; 11x14" matte will show approximately an 8x10" photo.

Photo options are available from the Nature's Footprints or the Random Shots galleries on my SmugMug site.  Click on and choose your photo.  In the options at the bottom of my Blog page, there is an area for you to specify what photo you would like to have matted; you can either tell me the name of the photo or copy and paste the link of the photo.  To do this, click on the website above, go to the gallery it's in, and click on the actual photo thumbnail on the left hand side.  When it appears larger on the right hand side, the link will specify that photo; copy the address (link) from the address bar in your web browser, and paste the link in the text field at the bottom of this Blog.  (It's way easier than it sounds!)

Matted photos are suitable for framing.  Custom framing orders are available through me as well, but this is a great option if you have some extra frames laying around that you want to fill with beautiful matted photos!

A wide selection of matted images will be available for purchase at the Reading Room Cafe during the month of November (and at other times!).  If you're in the Sooke area during that time, check out the canvas prints and thinwraps on the wall (also available for purchase) and the little wicker basket full (on the fireplace ledge) of matted photos, greeting cards, and a copy of my coffee table book (with ordering info on the inside cover).

Saturday, October 2, 2010

It's Official: See My Images at the Reading Room on November 1st!

The date has been set!  For the month of November (and likely future months), anyone in the area who goes to the Reading Room Cafe here in Sooke will be able to see some of my images posted on the walls!  These prints are for sale as well!  It saves you the waiting time of ordering them from the internet, and it also allows you to see what they look like in person before purchasing them.  Images will be on canvas and thinwrap styles.

There will also be a small wicker basket holding a bunch of matted prints that will be for sale.  Greeting cards will hopefully be available soon, also.  One of my coffee table books will also be in the basket, which will be available to view; it will have ordering information tucked on the inside, but please don't remove it from the store if you happen to be there and are looking through it!  It allows everyone to have a peek at it in person and provides something nice to look at whilst sipping your coffee or tea.  :)

If this all goes over well, I will select additional months to showcase my images.  Even though I've chosen to go with canvas and thinwraps this time around, I may think about hanging framed prints in the future if there are a lot of people who prefer frames.

November will probably be rainy, like any other November here on the island, so it's the perfect time to curl up in front of the fireplace in the Reading Room in one of the comfy leather chairs, have a cup of coffee or tea, and take a look at the photo book and matted prints available!

Enjoy!  And please feel free to give me your feedback at!