Congratulations! You've just had a baby, and you've decided to book with me for your little one's newborn session.  Ideally, I'll be arriving for the shoot when your baby s between 5-10 days old, when he or she is at his/her sleepiest (and therefore easiest to pose).  I absolutely LOVE babies, as well as the entire pregnancy and birth process that brings them into the world, and I'm very excited for the opportunity to photograph your baby for you!  Here are some tips/guidelines for you in preparation for your newborn session.

1. My first priority is your baby's SAFETY.  If there is a pose that is just not safe for your baby, I will not do it.  There are lots of different poses you may have seen that look simple, but there is actually a lot of work behind-the-scenes.  I will most likely need mom or dad (or sometimes both) to have a steadying hand while I take a few photos, but the end result will not show hands or arms.  This is simply for the safety of your baby - there is no point in trying to get an amazing shot if your baby's safety is at risk.

2. We both want your baby to be comfortable during his or her photo shoot, so while it may make us a bit warmish, it is worth it to crank up the heat in the room(s) we will be using.  I also have a portable space heater that can be used - it works both as a source of heat and static noise, which is comforting to baby.  I do also have a heating pad that can be placed under a couple of towels and backdrops/blankets where baby is laying.

3. The session will go a lot smoother if baby is fed, changed and happy.  Try to have him or her nursing or drinking a bottle as I arrive, and have any diaper straps loosened for about an hour before I arrive (this is so that red marks won't be as apparent).  Also, leave baby unclothed and just in a diaper when I arrive so that we don't have to disturb him or her by undressing before the photo shoot.  The majority of photos will likely be in the nude anyway.

4. Since I love babies so much, it's so nice for me to be able to do newborn sessions because holding them just warms my heart and puts a huge smile on my face!  Since I have four babies of my own, you can rest assured that I have lots of experience with newborns and am used to handling them.  During the shoot, I will do most of the posing and dressing/undressing/accessorizing, which is nice because it gives Mom a break!  Those first couple of weeks can be very exhausting.  You get to just sit back, relax, and enjoy watching your little one sleep as I move about and take precious photos of your little bundle.  For poses that need a steadying hand or two, I'll let you know what I need and how to do it.  If at any time you don't feel comfortable with me "taking control", that's ok - we can work with your comfort level.

5. Newborn sessions are going to take time, more so than most of my other sessions.  This is because we'll need to take lots of breaks for feeding, burping, etc.  Make sure you take this into account when scheduling your session with me.

6. Since I shoot with natural light, pick a room in your home that gets lots of natural light.

7. I will bring lots of props with me, but if there are certain things you'd like incorporated into some of the photos, please have them out and ready for the shoot.

8. Parents' hands and sometimes even feet play an important role in some of the photos, so just be sure they are well-groomed and ready for some low-key modeling. :)

9. No need to worry about the state of your home when I arrive - you're new parents, and I've been there, so don't fret if there are dishes in the sink, or blankets and burp cloths all over the living room, vacuuming hasn't been done, etc.!  The main area of concern will just be the area we are shooting in, and perhaps the nursery if you'd like to have some photos done in there.  Other than that - don't rush to get your house in spotless condition!  New parents have a great excuse as to why a house isn't in tip-top shape. ;)

10. Have burp cloths, wipes, and maybe a couple of towels on hand for any "accidents" that may (and likely will) occur.  Please don't be concerned or feel bad if I get pooed or peed on!  It is to be expected in my line of work!

If you have any other questions or concerns about your upcoming newborn photo shoot, please contact me and don't hesitate to ask.  I look very forward to our session!