Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Check out my new CONTESTS tab at the top of my page for my current giveaway! Thanks to all my fans who have helped me reach 100 "likes" on Facebook!

*** CONTEST CLOSED *** Thanks to everyone who entered my 100 Likes Giveaway! Congratulations goes out to the winner, Heather G.! I will contact you via email to let you know and to get your address so I can send you your prop goodie grab bag! :)

Stay tuned and check back often for more giveaways in the future!

Monday, March 26, 2012

Lots to do, lots to share!

There's a bunch of stuff coming up pretty quickly here, and I wanted to take a few moments to share all the exciting news!

I've won a few items lately from some contests over on Facebook, and they all happen to be gorgeous little newborn headbands!!  I can't wait to use them in my upcoming newborn photo shoots! Speaking of which, there should be two coming up in the next couple of weeks!  I'm SO, SO excited about them!!!  I just can't wait to go and meet these precious little bundles and create some fabulous images with them!

Recently, I began posting images of some crocheted items I've been busily making.  These are items that I intend to use in my own photo sessions.  I've made quite a bit now, and I decided in the last couple of days to list them on my Facebook page and on Used Victoria for sale (not the ones I'll be using, but more just like them).  My turnaround time is pretty quick; on average I'd say between 2-4 days, depending on how many orders I have to complete.  I've recently changed the look and feel of my blog, as you may have noticed, and there are now tabs at the top to make accessing information a little easier.  You'll see one called Crocheted Items For Sale, so you can click there to view some of the items I have.  All items will be posted on my Facebook page.  All you need to do is send me an email with your paypal email address and which item(s) you would like, and I'll send it to you right away (if it's ready to sell) or get going on it right away!  Many of these items, i.e. the hats and headbands, can be used for any little wee one, but some should only be used as photography props, i.e. the cocoons, stork pouches, etc.

I've also been advertising some specials that I'm running this spring for photo shoots.  I currently have 4 ads running:

1. $100 family or engagement photo sessions (click here to view ad)

2. FREE Newborn photo sessions (click here to view ad)

3. Newborn "Casting Call" Photo Sessions (click here to view ad)

4. Crocheted Newborn and Toddler Items For Sale (click here to view ad)

If you are interested in any of the above specials, please email me, and pass it along to friends who may be interested!  The crocheted items will make fabulous additions to any photographer's prop stash! :)

I have some sessions booked in the next couple of months, including newborns, family, and maternity, and I am STOKED about all of them!  The more, the merrier!  Anyone in the Greater Victoria Area who needs to have photos done, please feel free to contact me!  My price list is also conveniently located on a tab at the top of my blog! :)

Lastly, I have decided to add two more very important items to my list of photo sessions.  One is weddings.  This is something that I'm slowly working up to, as they are LOT of work, but I'm super excited to be offering this type of photography.  I have not yet booked anything, but am looking for some smaller weddings to photograph to get me started!  If you know of anyone who is looking for a wedding photographer, please do pass my information on.  Also, something I'm so excited about I can't even explain it - birth photography!!  This is something that is becoming the next "up and coming thing" in the world of photography, it seems.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE babies, and anything to do with birth and all that fun stuff.  My husband and I have had three children so far, with the hopes of having another one at some point.  I've given birth naturally, in the hospital and at home, and am aiming for a water birth next time.  We didn't have a professional photographer present at any of them, but I know the importance of having one there.  We have some photos, but I know many more could have been taken had we hired someone to be there strictly for that purpose.  I come to your place of birth when you enter the active labour stage, at around the same time you'd call your midwife or doctor.  I keep as quiet and inconspicuous as possible, and I know what moments to look for.  I can capture all the moments you don't even know you're missing, moments that you will be so thankful to have later on.  Those first looks of unconditional love, the overwhelming joy, the tears of happiness, the first time you look into your baby's eyes.

Please see the tabs at the top of my page for more details, and contact me today to book a photo session (in whatever capacity you're looking for)! :)

Very excited about all this stuff going on!  As I predicted late last year, 2012 is going to be a very exciting and successful year for me - and the ball has started rolling! :)

Friday, March 16, 2012

Mini Photo Shoots in Beacon Hill Park

The weatherman is still claiming that Sunday won't be rainy in Victoria, so it looks like the mini sessions are still on!  I went last weekend to scout out a few areas to be sure of where I want to capture some images for clients. There are so many beautiful options to choose from!  Take a look at these few that I captured, some of my girls and some of just the backdrops:

And there are many more!  Come down to the park between 10am-4pm and look for me!  I'll likely stay on the side of the park that is nearest to Douglas St., not the side with the kids' playground and bathrooms (although they are not far away at all from where I'll be).

For the $40 payment (plus tax) for the photo sessions, I'll be sending each client an invoice - that way you can pay by credit card via Paypal (even if you don't have a Paypal account), making it more convenient.  Not as many people carry around cash these days!  I unfortunately still cannot accept payment on the park grounds, so an invoice will work just fine.  You'll be sent an invoice the same evening or the next day, and once payment is received, you'll get an email containing the link to your free online gallery, which you can share with family and friends.  Anyone can order prints and other photo items right from your gallery.  Remember, you'll also receive a code to get 15% your order of $30 or more when you order prints and/or other photo items from your session!  There will also be a special prints package set up for your ordering convenience.

I'm super excited to do these sessions!  In a perfect world, I'll have a small line of people to get photo sessions done, so get there early to avoid disappointment! :)  In that timeframe (10am-4pm), I can do a maximum of 18 photo sessions!

I look forward to seeing you out there this Sunday!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

$100 Photo Sessions

Spring is in the air!  What better time to have your family or engagement photos done?  The cherry blossoms are blooming all over the Southern Island, and there are gorgeous backdrops everywhere you look.

I'm now offering a $50 savings for couple/engagement sessions and family sessions during the months of March and April.

For only $100, you get the following:

- 1 1/2 hr photo session in an outdoor location of your choice (Southern Vancouver Island)
- Free online gallery of images
- A selection of prints OR a softcover photobook with approximately 15 images from your session
- A cd of images from your session

Book now and get some fantastic shots done!  Taxes are extra.

Send me an email at to inquire and book.  I look forward to capturing some great moments for you!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

FREE Newborn Photography Sessions!

Check this out!  I'm offering FREE newborn photo sessions to 15 lucky new parents or parents-to-be in March or April in the Sooke and Victoria area!  In an effort to build up my portfolio with adorable newborn images, I'd like to offer my photography services at no cost!  I come to your home, so there's no need to fret about getting baby ready to go somewhere. Plus, that gives us the chance to build some sentimental items from your own home into the prop set, making your baby's photos more personal to you and your family.

I can capture some images for you that will be cherished for a lifetime to come. Images are edited for colour/lighting/cropping purposes, and are available on disc for only $50.  Other photo finishing techniques are available for an additional cost.

Here's how it works: you email me to inquire and book a session time within March or April of this year.  Your baby should be between 5-14 days old to capture the best shots.  The sleepier baby is, the better the session will go - so after you've had a chance to feed and change baby is great.  Sessions are approximately 1 1/2 hours long.  I bring my props to you, and the session will be completed in your home.  A few days later, after I've had the chance to do some editing, I'll post a handful of photos right here on my blog as a "sneak peek".  If you've chosen to purchase a disc of the images from your baby's photo session, it will be ready then.  You'll also get an email with a link that goes directly to your free online gallery, where you can view all the images.  From there, you can order prints and all kinds of neat photo items (puzzles, coffee mugs, trinket boxes, photo tiles, keychains, framed prints, etc.), plus you can share the link and password with your family and friends so they can view the photos and order stuff, too.  If you want any special techniques applied to any of the images, we can discuss what you'd like at that point.  Did I mention that I'm also including 4 FREE birth announcement cards?  They'll be shipped to you soon after your session.

Simple!  Free photo session, a cd of the images for $50, 4 free birth announcement cards to get you started, and a free online gallery where you can view the images and order prints!  It's a great opportunity for you to get some sweet, precious photos of your new bundle of joy, and for me to build up my portfolio with some images of beautiful babies!

Send me an email today if you are expecting this month or next, if you've just had a baby, or if you know someone in the Sooke/Victoria area who'd like to have their own newborn photo session.  The regular price for these sessions is $150.  This offer will only be available in March and April to the first 15 clients who book with me!  Hurry and book now before all the spots fill up!  Share this post with friends by clicking on one of the icons just below (i.e. Facebook)!  Feel free to leave comments!

I look forward to photographing your new bundle of joy!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Prop Stash, and More About Mini Photo Shoots

Last week, I *scored* in getting a whole bunch of stuff to use as props for newborn photography sessions.  I'm so excited to use them!  Backdrops, a posing pillow, some new crocheted and knitted hats, a bunch of wraps/hammocks, and some wicker baskets!

I've also been busy crocheting some more items myself... cocoons, hats, a hanging stork pouch, etc.  The most recent one is a teddy bear bonnet!  Now that I know how to do the ears and sew them on, the possibilities are endless with animal and character hats! :)

Update on the mini photo shoots at Beacon Hill Park: the park doesn't allow any money to be exchanged or signage to be used on the grounds.  SO.  I will still be doing the mini photo shoots, but without a sign, and using invoices instead!  What will happen is, you, or someone you know, can come down to the park, look for me (I'll be the one with the camera and a small table and chairs set up in various locations within the park!), you'll have your photo session done, and after I collect some basic information from you (name, address, email address, phone number), I'll email you after I've edited your photos and send you an invoice for the $40.  After payment has been received, you'll receive an email with the direct link to your gallery of photos, along with a code to use to get 15% off your order of prints when you spend $30 or more!  Easy peasy.  I can work around the city's limitations on park usage! :)

I am tentatively booking Sunday, March 18th as the date for said mini photo shoots at Beacon Hill Park here in Victoria, BC.  I'm going to keep an eye on the weather though, and if it's not going to be nice at all, I'll postpone and book it for another date.  If that happens, I'll update my blog to let you all know - so stay tuned!