Friday, March 16, 2012

Mini Photo Shoots in Beacon Hill Park

The weatherman is still claiming that Sunday won't be rainy in Victoria, so it looks like the mini sessions are still on!  I went last weekend to scout out a few areas to be sure of where I want to capture some images for clients. There are so many beautiful options to choose from!  Take a look at these few that I captured, some of my girls and some of just the backdrops:

And there are many more!  Come down to the park between 10am-4pm and look for me!  I'll likely stay on the side of the park that is nearest to Douglas St., not the side with the kids' playground and bathrooms (although they are not far away at all from where I'll be).

For the $40 payment (plus tax) for the photo sessions, I'll be sending each client an invoice - that way you can pay by credit card via Paypal (even if you don't have a Paypal account), making it more convenient.  Not as many people carry around cash these days!  I unfortunately still cannot accept payment on the park grounds, so an invoice will work just fine.  You'll be sent an invoice the same evening or the next day, and once payment is received, you'll get an email containing the link to your free online gallery, which you can share with family and friends.  Anyone can order prints and other photo items right from your gallery.  Remember, you'll also receive a code to get 15% your order of $30 or more when you order prints and/or other photo items from your session!  There will also be a special prints package set up for your ordering convenience.

I'm super excited to do these sessions!  In a perfect world, I'll have a small line of people to get photo sessions done, so get there early to avoid disappointment! :)  In that timeframe (10am-4pm), I can do a maximum of 18 photo sessions!

I look forward to seeing you out there this Sunday!

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