Sunday, August 29, 2010

New Pricing!

Original pricing structure was not created properly.  I have just updated all the prices in our online gallery.  In other words, prices are now LOWER than what they originally were!  If you had a photo in mind before, but thought the pricing was too high, please view the new pricing structure.

The First Few Days

Hi everyone,

Well - the last few days have been keeping me busy!  I was happy to find an email in my inbox the day after I started running my photos on SmugMug, from someone who not only loved my photos, but was also wondering if I do wedding photography.  Unfortunately I had to say no because I'm not quite there yet - I don't want to do something as important as a wedding without all the proper equipment.  Landscape photography is very different than portraiture and shooting events like weddings.  You need to have more equipment to do the job properly and professionally.  Although I need the experience, I'm not quite ready and I don't want to say yes and disappoint someone.  I will get there someday soon though!  I've also been asked to do some family photos, maternity and newborn shots, and some couple shots on a beach - all that I would love to do for the experience!  It's great that I have had some people interested in my work so that I can start to build a more diverse portfolio and be able to offer more services after getting some more experience.

Yesterday morning, my two young daughters were up very early, and had no plans of going back to sleep.  Reluctantly, I got up and started to play with them in their play room, cup of coffee in hand.  They started to get a little bored and wanted to go watch cartoons, so I decided we'd go for a drive instead.  It was only 7am at that time, and the sun had started to rise.  I thought, "I wonder what nice shots I might be able to capture today?".  And so off we went - blankets, coffee and juice to go, and of course, the camera.  I did get a few nice ones, and so today I'll be working on preparing them for uploading onto my SmugMug site.  Please check them out later on today or tomorrow!  There might just be something there that catches your eye, makes you a little nostalgic, or that reminds you of someone who might love to enjoy a picture hanging on their wall.  Visit at often and watch for new photos, packages and coupons!

If you wish to be on my mailing list, please email me at so that I can add you.  I'll keep you aprised of new images ready to purchase on the website, anything new or interesting that's going on, packages that I'm currently offering, new services I'm offering, etc.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Day One

Welcome, again, to my blog, and thank you for visiting.  This is a personal journey for me; taking my passion for photography and turning it into something that can benefit others.  I have long been taking photographs of nature - breathtaking ocean views, rocky coastlines, rugged mountain peaks, soft and sandy beaches, trees, streams, driftwood.  You name it, I photograph it.  I've often thought about making these images available for purchase, with suggestions and encouragement from many friends.  Now, I'm taking that leap!

I've started offering my best and most-liked landscape images, and I've put them into a collection I call Nature's Footprints.  I believe that Mother Nature leaves her own set of footprints for us, telling us of her presence, and this comes in the form of natural beauty.  It's everywhere; you just have to look outside your window and there it is.  I try to compose unique shots wherever possible, but in this particular line, I only use what I see.  I make no additions.  I also never leave home without my camera - even if it's just to go into town to run some errands.  You just never know what you'll see along the way, or where you'll end up going - and you never want to miss an opportunity for a great shot!

Short-term, I'll continue with my Nature's Footprints line of images.  You can view it and purchase prints and many gift items by going here:  Please share this link with family and friends whom you think would appreciate and treasure these photos.

Long-term, I hope to gain more skills and experience and offer a wider array of services, including wedding photography, other special occasions, newborn photo sessions, family photo sessions, etc.

One project I will be beginning soon is something I like to call a personal photo journal.  This is a unique, customizable journal of images with short captions that describe a specific time in a person's life, be it a happy, special time or more of a trying and troublesome point.  My goal is to bring forth the emotional aspect that photographic images can inspire; something that holds deep personal meaning to each particular client.  It involves getting to know a client on a personal level in order to understand his or her unique circumstances, and ultimately becoming a small part of his or her personal journey through that time.  In doing so, I will be able to create a completely unique piece of photographic art, hopefully capturing and pinpointing the exact emotions that befall the client when sometimes there just are no words.  It can bring release, closure, reflection, laughs, even tears.  This project could very well send me on a different photographic journey of my own with each client's goals for his or her personal experience because their private story can be told with existing images in my collections, and/or requests for new images and in new locations.  I want to work with each client one-on-one to create exactly what it is that he or she is looking for.  Thus, no two pieces will ever be the same.

This is a very exciting time for me, getting this company up and running.  I hope that it takes me further than I ever imagined.

You can follow me on Twitter at, on Facebook at Murchie's Photography, on SmugMug, where my photos can be printed and gift items can be ordered, and on this blog.  I will also have a website up and running in the not-too-distant future, which will list my services and pricing structure.

Please come back often for updates and information, and let your friends know, too.  I look forward to bringing a piece of my passion for photography into your home or office, or to someone special!