Sunday, August 29, 2010

The First Few Days

Hi everyone,

Well - the last few days have been keeping me busy!  I was happy to find an email in my inbox the day after I started running my photos on SmugMug, from someone who not only loved my photos, but was also wondering if I do wedding photography.  Unfortunately I had to say no because I'm not quite there yet - I don't want to do something as important as a wedding without all the proper equipment.  Landscape photography is very different than portraiture and shooting events like weddings.  You need to have more equipment to do the job properly and professionally.  Although I need the experience, I'm not quite ready and I don't want to say yes and disappoint someone.  I will get there someday soon though!  I've also been asked to do some family photos, maternity and newborn shots, and some couple shots on a beach - all that I would love to do for the experience!  It's great that I have had some people interested in my work so that I can start to build a more diverse portfolio and be able to offer more services after getting some more experience.

Yesterday morning, my two young daughters were up very early, and had no plans of going back to sleep.  Reluctantly, I got up and started to play with them in their play room, cup of coffee in hand.  They started to get a little bored and wanted to go watch cartoons, so I decided we'd go for a drive instead.  It was only 7am at that time, and the sun had started to rise.  I thought, "I wonder what nice shots I might be able to capture today?".  And so off we went - blankets, coffee and juice to go, and of course, the camera.  I did get a few nice ones, and so today I'll be working on preparing them for uploading onto my SmugMug site.  Please check them out later on today or tomorrow!  There might just be something there that catches your eye, makes you a little nostalgic, or that reminds you of someone who might love to enjoy a picture hanging on their wall.  Visit at often and watch for new photos, packages and coupons!

If you wish to be on my mailing list, please email me at so that I can add you.  I'll keep you aprised of new images ready to purchase on the website, anything new or interesting that's going on, packages that I'm currently offering, new services I'm offering, etc.

Thanks everyone, and enjoy!

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