Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Few Updates...

Hello!  It has been quite some time since I last updated this blog... and not without good reason!  I feel like our family has jammed everything it possibly could into the span of the last 10 months! We were away the month of May, we listed our house, our transfer was approved, my husband's family lost basically everything in the High River flood, they came to live with us temporarily, we moved shortly after they left, and we now reside in Fort Smith, Northwest Territories!  That's right... no more Vancouver Island for this click-happy chic, as sad as that may be!  I do miss the Island, but I must say, it is pretty spectacular up here!  The family is loving it - even though winter is quickly setting in!

I have not been doing any photography lately, because things have been so hectic.  I did one last newborn session days before we left since it was for some dear friends of ours, and baby came early just so that I could take his precious photos (hehe!).  Other than that, it's just been my own family shots here and there and a lot of outdoors photography of the surrounding landscape and of our trip up here.  (We drove over 5 days from Sooke to here, with a van full of kids and pets and a trailer full of necessary belongings and Costco/Walmart stock-up items!).

I do intend to continue my lifestyle photography business here in the North, aside from my full-time child care provider duties..!  I am hoping to be able to establish a small client base here in Fort Smith (and I say small not only because of time constraints and commitments, but because this town is only populated by about 2500 people!)

On that note... enjoy the randoms below and do look for some new session peaks soon!  I will also be doing some photographing of the beautiful and stunning Northern Lights... so stay tuned for that!


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