Sunday, September 12, 2010

Changes to Coffee Table Books

UPDATE:  September 13th - I now have 8"x10" landscape Coffee Table Books available!  Please scroll down to my "Coffee Table Books" post for more information, and also look to the right!  There is a preview there where you can see the first 15 pages of my book, plus a button you can press to buy it right from there!  So easy.

EARLIER:  September 12th - I don't have time to fully update you all on the changes being made to the Coffee Table Books, but know that they are still available and now have lower prices!  I have decided to go with an alternate supplier who makes photo books of the same high quality, but they offer lower prices!  That's great news!  I will still have the same layout and text, I just have to re-make them in the new software.

More about this later!


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