Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My First Published Copy of Nature's Footprints!

Hello all!  Today I received my first published copy of my Nature's Footprints coffee table book!  I must say, I am impressed!  The quality is fantastic, and it looks amazing!  Very pleased! :)  See a preview of it below!

There are 2 types of hard covers available.  One is the imagewrap, where images are wrapped right around the cover; they ARE the cover.  The other is the dust cover, which is the glossy paper-type of thing that loosely wraps the actual hard cover.  These can be nice, but they do tend to get worn out, ripped and tattered over time.  The only difference is that these covers have inside flaps on them, which are not available in the imagewrap covers.  Personally, I love the look and finish of the image wrap - it looks amazing!  The information is available right here on my blog anyway, so you wouldn't be missing anything by deciding on the imagewrap.  I think it looks better!

Remember that by purchasing your very own copy, you're helping to protect plants and animals that inhabit our Earth, and to preserve all the places we live in together.  10% of the proceeds of each and every book will be donated in one lump sum at the end of each calendar year to the Nature Conservancy to help this most worthy cause.  Have you already purchased one of my books?  Then thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of the conservation of all things nature!  :)

Please share this page with any friends and family who would like the images in my photo book and/or the galleries available on my Smugmug website (http://www.murchiesphotography.smugmug.com/).

An exciting day for Murchie's Photography!  :)  I have also received images from my Smugmug site in the metalprint and thinwrap format, just so I can inspect for quality.  They both look fantastic in their own way!  The metalprints are really unique - the image is printed right INTO the metal, if that makes sense, and has a high gloss protective finish on it.  The thinwrap is awesome - it has a slight metallic finish to the image and has a satin-like quality to it.  Marvelous!  I am now waiting for my wrapped canvas print to be delivered and will let you know how that turns out - my guess is that it will look super as well!  They are also likely the type I will be selling in the Reading Room Cafe here in Sooke.

Remember that besides the printed images, the coffee table books make excellent gifts!  I almost hate to say it, but Christmas is just around the corner!  Both the prints and the books can be ordered right online, with fast, easy and secure payment, and they are shipped to your doorstep.  Now that's what I call efficient Christmas shopping! ;)

Until next time!

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