Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Custom Orders

Hi Folks!

A couple of new things to tell you about, but first thing's first:  custom orders are available!  This can cover things like:

  • print sizes that you don't see available
  • merchandise items that you don't see listed
  • Coffee Table Books (These are great conversation pieces when you have company over!  More info coming shortly; otherwise email me for more info and photos of examples.  When you have decided which design you would like to purchase, please scroll down to the bottom of this page, make your selection, and click the Buy Now button - it's so easy!  Payments are through PayPal and are secure.  Use your credit card or PayPal account.)
  • a unique experience I call "photo journaling".  This is where you have a life experience - be it happy or rather tragic - and you want to create a photo book that details your journey through the experience.  These photos can be chosen from those in my galleries, or you can request a certain type of image to be captured.  These are completely and utterly unique to each person, because everyone's experiences and how they deal with the emotions of them are different.  It's essentially a way for your emotions to tell a story through photographs. What a fantastic way to showcase your personal journey of strength, perseverance, or pure happiness!
Please visit http://www.murchiesphotography.smugmug.com/ to view photos and available purchasing options.  Then, if you have something in mind that you don't see available there, just send me an email at murchiesphotography@gmail.com to request your idea, and I'll do everything in my power to make that idea become a reality for you!

I'd also like to make sure that everyone out there is aware that any of these photos can be enhanced with certain techniques, like faux bokeh (blurry background, very clear subject in the foreground).  Another option is called "lomo" (probably my favorite technique to use - based on a type of Russian camera and developing film in chemicals other than what it was meant to be developed in), it creates a stunning result, emphasizing otherwise casual photographs.  It can be a blend of over- (or under-) saturated colours, over- (or under-) exposure, blurriness, vignetting, etc.  It's great for candid shots of people, a very popular effect in wedding and engagement photos, and can also be a neat touch on certain landscape photos.  For example, here are two photos; one is the original, and one has the lomo effect added to it:

Other options include colour accenting (chosing one colour or object in a photo, removing most of the colour in the rest of the photo, and leaving that one colour or object as it's original, vibrant colour), sepia, black and white, etc.  The possibilities are really endless - and adding a technique to your purchase, whether it be a subtle one or to the extreme - can make your purchase truly unique!  Email me for quotes on custom orders.

Next item up: showcasing my work in a local business!  I live in beautiful Sooke, BC - currently the source of many of my landscape photos in  my Nature's Footprints line.  If you live or work in the area, or if you happen to be coming through to visit someone or just to tour around, please stop by the Reading Room Cafe.  They have delicious coffees, specialty coffees and teas, and all kinds of healthy, yummy eats!  Watch for some of my photos hanging on the walls - to be showcased and up for sale in the coming weeks/months!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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